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My Final 21 Day Fix Review!

Thanks for joining me on this journey of getting fit. We did it! My final 21 days are behind me. Now starts the “keeping the habit” phase of staying healthy and fit. I am not paid by any Beachbody affiliate nor do I sell these programs. These are just my honest opinions based on what I’ve done over the years of working out as an athlete and a fitness addict. The number one thing you could do for yourself is to get your diet in check. As I mention in my video above, check out David Allen’s 21 Day cleanse. It is not a fad or a cleanse such as you maybe used to. It is a system that helps re-programs your gut and insides. (You like my scientific terminology?). I found that the key to change is to start from the inside. I’m sure there is a bumper sticker out there that says the same.

Keep up the good work loves and let me know how you’re doing. Thanks again for keeping along with my Fitness Journey. Lets hope I’m this enthusiastic about it when I’m 90. Ok, I’m off to go count almonds and down a protein drink. Ciao!


Allison Skwirz – BeachBody Coach –

David Allen Nutrition –




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