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Hola and Welcome to “The Power Of Unf###ability: Unleash Your Inner Badass” Mastermind Course brought to you by me, Lauren White.

Here we will unlock your inner confidence so you can stand in your fearless power to take on whatever you put your mind to. If you’re looking to uncover that spark in your soul and take hold of your life and power, then click on the button below to enroll in this unconventional, riotous, energy induced, addicting Mastermind.

❓Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Have you ever had an off day and couldn’t find a smidge of confidence? Maybe you said too many Yesses and not enough Nos? Are you simply just a shell of a person you once knew? If so, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to pump you up with The Power Of Unf###ability.

Wouldn’t you rather have the effortless feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and being unapologetically confident? Wouldn’t it feel good to walk into a party and own the place? What about dominating that conference room? Or getting that date you were too afraid to ask for? Or simply just being ok to look at yourself in the mirror without critiquing yourself? Sure would feel nice, right?

If all this course did was give you vitality, excitement, freedom, and that Maria at the top of the hill in “The Sound Of Music” type joy, then wouldn’t it be worth it? YOU deserve to have this Super Power.

What To Expect:
This Mastermind Course is 5 impactful lessons on how to unlock your inner confidence. We will first tackle YOUR MIND and empower those little voices in there, Then we’ll get into YOUR PHYSICALITY of your body and how you move and present yourself. Next, I’ll give you the lowdown on how to master YOUR 9 TO 5 whether that’s a job, school, or some type of organization you belong to. After that, we are going to dive into YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK where you may have once felt timid, instead, now you’ll be able to command the room. Then we’re going to wrap it up with YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT and how you can master more confidence online, in texts, and email.

💥Your Mastermind consists of 5 Lessons to amplify your confidence AND a BONUS Lesson:

  • Lesson 1: YOUR MIND –  The power of the voices in your head.
  • Lesson 2: YOUR PHYSICALITY – How you move and how you look.
  • Lesson 3: YOUR 9 TO 5 – Tackling work and school.
  • Lesson 4: YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK – Owning any social gathering.
  • Lesson 5: YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT – Mastering your social media presence, texts, & emails.
  • BONUS Lesson: YOUR MASTER TOOL BOX – Pro Tips, Pocket Checklist, & Next Steps to Implementation.

👉🏼 This Mastermind is over 6 hours of empowering content and bonus materials with a value of over $1500 and it is being offered for only $125! So don’t leave before clicking the button at the bottom of the page and seize your moment.

📚 COURSE BEGINS January 11th, 2021. 

One more thing, I wanted to do something extra special, so at the end of the course I’ll be giving you a digital copy of everything we discussed in the Bonus Lesson which includes my curated Pro Tips AND a pocket-guide checklist for you to use before any situation to make sure you’re ready to shine. AND I’ll send them to you with a personalized email from me! So click below, enroll in my Mastermind, & buckle your seatbelt because by the end of this course your state will be notches above from how you came to me. Are you ready to own The Power of Unf###ability? Yes? Then let’s do this!

PLUS, When you enroll in this Mastermind course you’ll receive these additional materials.💎 BONUS MATERIAL & ACCESS:

  • Essential Pro Tips
  • Pocket Checklist
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group with Exclusive Content and weekly “Doses of Lolo” on Facebook Live to keep you inspired and on fire.

ALSO available:🗣️ PRIVATE COACHING: For those of you that want to immediately get into action after you complete your Mastermind course, Schedule your 1-hour private virtual coaching session with Lauren to get personalized one on one time to assess your current situation and apply these Mastermind lessons to your own life and create a plan and design habits for your new found confidence.

To Schedule your first session, email: 

1-Hour Private Virtual Coaching Session = $250/hr

⚠️ Disclaimer: This Mastermind may cause an extreme fire within one’s soul to take the bull by the horns. May cause cheek soreness from laughter, joy, multiple “Aha” moments, a new lease on life, and an extra skip in your step. This Mastermind is unconventional and not for the faint-hearted. Parental advisory highly suggested unless you don’t mind that your child hears the tongue of a sailor. In the event that you end up owning The Power of Unf###ability, please email Lauren at IMMEDIATELY and describe your elation and she will personally email you back with a big “Woop Woop” and *air hug. All rights reserved.


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