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Well Hello there. Welcome to my TED Talk. Today’s topic is: The Power of Unf#ckability, but the Power of Unfuckability and being unfuckable are not what you think so don’t EVEN try to google it because you’re going to get some really disturbing answers. So let me give it to you “Lolo style”. 

To be “unfuckable” is to be the antithesis of being a pushover. I own the power of “unfuckability” because you cannot fuck with me. You can not irk me into a state other than what I own, you cannot make me feel inferior, you cannot manipulate me, and for damn sure you do not own me. Its about being confident and being powerful in your own skin and being unapologetic. I know I know, there are a lot of “F” words but I don’t mess around when I talk about my power to stand solid in my stance. I will admit, it takes a lot of practice. There are some days where I sway and I feel like any comment or critique could blow me over like a palm tree on Rodeo Drive during a Santa Ana wind. BUT I’ve trained my mind and MY mantra is that I’m absolutely, positively, bat shit crazy unfuckable. And for the lucky ones that are my close family and friends, you can’t fuck with them either because you gotta go through me! 

HOWEVER, I’m not here to protect everyone, I’m here to share my rhetoric with you and others and hope to inspire strong willed human beings. Now, this hyperbole isn’t supposed to enlist you in an angry pompous attitude. By all means you are not supposed to furrow your brow and go up to anyone you come into contact with and give them a power chest bump move and say “I’m unfuckable!” In fact, you may get slapped if you try that. So No no no. The power of unfuckability is actually done with great finesse. Its kind of like the sophistication of when your mom (you know the sweetest woman of all time) and you are out in public and perhaps you may have pissed her off and she looks at you with the nicest of smiles but then through her gritted teeth you can hear her speak some unspeakable things all the while looking like Holly Homemaker to the outside world that is watching this interaction. You know the tight lipped mom move? It’s a classic. We ALL have a mother that did this. And if you didn’t, you are one lucky beast because the most scariest person of all time is not Michael Meyers, not pennywise, not the Exorcist kid, it’s a mother with a tight lip. Whatever you do, just say sorry, come in at her hard with a hug, and hope she doesn’t death choke you. Because that type of sweet on the outside but killer assassin on the inside is done with great finesse. Mom finesse. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes the Power, we must use this power with that type of Mom finesse, as if it’s just a cloak you put on before you step out for the day. It’s subtle, smooth, and strong. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and being unapologetically confident.

So how do you get to possess such a cloak? Well, you start by gobbling up my Mastermind Course on “The Power Of Unf#ckability: Unleash Your Inner Badass.” I will run you through a gamut of easy peasy ways to build up your power in 5 areas of your life. I can guarantee you’ll be entertained and the next time you try to step out of your house without your cloak, you’ll walk back inside, Look in the mirror, into your eyes and say “You’re a badass, the universe is yours, because you are (Insert First Name) mother fucking (insert last name)!” Then put that cloak on and walk out your door with new invigorated intentions and go shine your light out on the world. 

My Mastermind Course launches this November and the registration link will be Live soon so you can review the course materials on how to unleash your inner badass. Subscribe to my website at the top of this page to be the first to see the teaser trailer dropping in the coming days. Registration is coming soon so you can enroll in this unconventional, riotous, energy induced, addicting Mastermind. Are you ready to own The Power of Unf#ckability? Yes? Then let’s do this! Subscribe here =>

For those that need a proper definition for your white paper, here’s your Official LoloWebster Dictionary Definition:

[uhn-fuhk-uh-bil-i-tee] / noun

  1. Power or strength to be absolutely certain of oneself.
  2. The ability to be 10 feet tall, unapologetically confident, and powerful in ones own skin.

She had the power of unfuckability and in that moment was unable to have any shenanigans pulled over her.
Dan,”I’m not sure she’ll be able to perform tonight, she seems timid.” Susie,”oh no, she has the power of unfuckability, she is going to kill it on that stage.”

[uhn-fuhk-uh-buhl] / adjective

  1. Lacking the ability to move or be pushed over
  2. Incapable to disturb ones physical and mental state
  3. Unfit to be fucked with.

She stood her ground and refused to be walked over and was completely unfuckable.
Susie “I think we can manipulate her into what we want her to do” Dan, “No, she’s unfuckable, she won’t be walked over”

Synonym: Fearless, Strong, Confident, Unapologetic
Antonym: Push Over, unsure, Lack of esteem

PS: Sorry Mom and Pop for the foul language. I mean what did you expect? I swear I have a large vocabulary, but I had to shake people into finding their inner badass! I can’t be having people walk around life with low self esteem, so this is me thrusting people into oblivion with a slightly vulgar word. What’s that one saying?… “Do it anyway then ask for forgiveness?” yea… that’s it. 😏

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