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Hola Que Tal Mi Gente! Whats Up My Peeps! During the Build Your Brand Challenge VIP Q&A, I was picked to ask a question to THE Tony Robbins himself. I was struggling on how to find my niche on teaching a course on their site. So I laid it all out there and very passionately asked my question. I cant show the actual video but here is my retelling of the story per my Facebook Live.

For those that don’t know, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson did an incredible Free Build Your Brand Challenge via Facebook and its 5 days of a couple hours of training and then if you pay for the VIP, you get a special Q&A session after the training which can go on for 30min to an hour or longer depending. Its unbelievably valuable and I highly recommend next time you see any FREE challenge from these three guys, to take them up on it. I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan, I’ve done the Comeback Challenge, the UPW virtual, the Business Mastery Virtual, the Build your Brand Challenge, and we have Date With Destiny and Life & Wealth Mastery coming up next as well as the World Summit. I get soooo much out of every training I do with Tony Robbins. He speaks to me and has truly guided me on taking myself and business to the umpteenth level. I can only spew the nicest things about him. And don’t even get me started about Dean Graziosi. wow wow wow. Anything Dean is involved with, I’m in. What a cool and vibrant soul. I love the way Dean talks directly to me or at least it feels that way. And on this go around, I was introduced to Russell Brunson. What a curious and talented, energetic entrepreneur. So much value and over delivery with these guys. Definitely check them out. 

For those that are done reading the babble, enjoy the video of me talking about my Q&A session with Tony and what I learned and what I overcame. I also gave tips for anyone else having roadblocks with confidence or going on video Live. Stay tuned for more to come….. 

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