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Day 2

Howdy Folks! I wasn’t able to record video today so you’ll have to enjoy my written prose for today’s diary. Today’s 21 Day Fix workout was the “Upper Fix”. This one involves light and heavy weights. As I started to do the workout, I realized I was actually sore from the day before, which always excites me. If I’m sore, it means it’s working. The workout was more difficult this morning due to an amazing date night last night with the babes. (By the way, “Babes” “Love Rocket” “My Love” or whatever other endearing name I give him is my fiancé and while he isn’t anonymous, I just think pet names sound better). I’m not saying I had a hangover, but I think I just didn’t eat enough dinner last night to compensate for the vodka’s I was letting slither down my throat. We went to Ysabel’s in West Hollywood and had a lovely time. I highly recommend going there for drinks with friends, celebrate an anniversary, or a first date. The ambience is inviting yet intimate. You’d never guess the experience by the outside building. I think it’s my new spot. I digress.

As I’m sweating this morning doing my workout, I could feel that I didn’t quite have the stamina I normally do. I wasn’t giving up just yet. My arms were on fire, and my chest was slippery with Belvedere sweat. As I was doing the cool down, I’m started to think, how did I ever workout for an hour or more? I used to think that if I didn’t get an hour in at the gym I would never get the body I wanted. Having been an athlete since I was a wee one, you’re trained to workout from an hour to three hours depending on the practice. It was just in my brain that I had to workout as long as practices were in order to get in the shape I wanted. So as Autumn is doing her last stretch I discover, I feel exactly how I felt after an intense practice and it only took 30 minutes. I’m digging this majorly. As I’ve said in my previous 21 Day Fix Review blog, it takes more time to get in the car, drive to the gym, find a machine or weight, have a decent workout and come home than it does to do this workout from the comfort of your home. I used to carve out at least an hour and 20 minutes for my gym time, and even then I felt like I didn’t get enough time sweating hard.

My arms feel like noodles, and I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Have you done the Upper Fix workout yet? If so, how do you feel. Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear how you’re doing.

See you tomorrow!


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