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Hey Ya’ll

Today I wasn’t able to film a diary for you so again, you’ll have to put your reading skills to work. Today was super tough. I had so much to do the minute I woke up and I almost let it get the best of me. I almost didn’t work out and just went on with my To Do list. But I know that’s a bad road to start on. It’s a terrible habit I have of getting up and just go go go. If I work out before I do anything else, I know that it will be done, I’ll feel better, and I won’t feel depressed later in the afternoon if I didn’t get the workout in. So I made myself turn on my laptop and do the Pilates Fix. By the way, Pilates is freaking hard. It really requires core strength which I do lack. I’m trying to build my lower back so I can not feel like a failure every time I do a push up or a plank. Serious, about 15 in, I’m on my knees doing pushups. Yet, if you need me to lift anything exorbitantly heavy, then I’m your gal. By the way, when they say “girl push ups”, I get why people have used this term in the past but it’s kinda offensive. Can’t we just call it a modified push-up versus the other? There is nothing wrong with being on your knees to protect your back but I know plenty of women or “girls” that can do more push ups then men. Anyhow, maybe we can start deconstructing the usage of certain vocabulary that divides our genders as such. Just saying.

Well, its been a crazy day, so another short blog in the can. Catch you all tomorrow.

Lauren Pacheco flexes



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