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Day 5

Oh as if the universe was trying to teach me a lesson. Again, mind wakes up and started doing everything on my list but a workout. Geez, I need to get it together. We had an early day to start scouting for a short I’m producing, and I knew I wouldn’t get home until later, so it was now or never. I can tell I’m getting stronger throughout the week. I kind of have this overall tiredness to my body though, but I know its my body trying to figure out what I’m putting it through. Today I had to troll through some #Fitspo hashtags on Instagram just to get motivated. For some reason it was just hard. Its only 30 minutes though, so my new thing is I start my coffee and put out food for my birds in my yard. Yes, that’s right, I feed the birds and squirrels. Thats a whole other story. And while I do my workout I watch the birds flock to the backyard. By the time I’m done with my workout, I have a whole menagerie back there and my coffee is brewed and ready for sipping. I look forward to it. So I’m trying to make that my new habit.

Again I didn’t video today which is another habit I need to start working on. Hmm, I’m starting to see a trend here. Maybe this isn’t the 21 day fix to get in shape, its 21 days to get my life routine together. Get out of my old stagnant self. Touché there big fella up above. Always trying to teach me a lesson in mysterious ways. I accept that challenge. I noticed today that my legs are sore in certain areas from Pilates yesterday. Holy cow do my sides burn too. Which only means, the shred is on the way. Today was Cardio Fix which by the way is INSANE!!! In a good way. I put lotion on my chest before working out, not sure why, but it was like a slip and side. When the tip of your ponytail is dripping, you know its a good workout. From doing this workout in the past, I do like to do the Cardio Fix if I need a good workout. You feel so accomplished after this one. If you just did Cardio Fix for 10 days straight you’d be ripped. You’d have to be, well unless you’re stuffing double doubles down your grill, but you can’t not get in shape after this workout. Good job there Autumn, this was perfect placement for Day 5.

How are YOU doing by the way? are you eating chips while you read this? Did you just finish a 21 Day Fix workout? Or are you doing squats while you like this post? Or perhaps you’re by a pool sipping a daiquiri (In that case, I’m super jelly), whatever you’re doing, thanks for joining me on this challenge. I love sharing my experiences with you. Until next time, Stay sweaty my friends.


See you tomorrow.


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