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Hey everyone,

Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t film every day nor write, so I’m bundling a bunch of 21 Day Fix days into one post. Apologies for not sticking to my word, but hopefully you’ll stick with me. I should have started this journey this week versus last week after a long vacation. But that’s the procrastinator in me. So here we drudge on to finish the 21 Day Fix in a timely fashion and with daily posts. Soooooooo without further adieu, here’s Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, and Day 9 all in one post.

Day 6 – Saturday

The Dirty 30. No this isn’t where you get all buck wild in your 30’s and finish making the mistakes you didn’t do in your 20’s. This is a workout that really challenges your strength towards the end of the week. Autumn really never gives in. As she always say, if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. This one was especially hard. I upped my arm weights on this one exercise and I thought my blood vessels in the side of my head were going to explode. But I got through it. Yay! I also got a compliment about how fit I looked. YES! Thats when you know you’re doing something right.

Day 7 – Sunday

Yesterday I had two housewarming parties to go to and while I didn’t rage, I didn’t exactly drink water all day. Today I was feeling a little woozy. I haven’t had another drinks besides vodka. I eat clean so therefore I drink clean, but yesterday at one of the parties there was only margaritas. I used to love margaritas, and I feel like everyone says that but then after downing a few cups of sugar, the next day you’re not really expressing your love for it anymore. That was me today. I didn’t have a lot, but for not having sugar like that in 138 days, you can imagine how I must have felt. Poo. Felt like poo. But I worked out right when I got up because I knew I wouldn’t do it later. It was Yoga Fix, which was a nice calm exercise to do after a long week of this program. For some reason I thought it would be easy, but Oh No, why would Autumn make anything easy. Yoga is intense because its about your breathing and your concentration. It really tests out your core. And good thing it did because I had to be in a bikini later.  Today we were brunching poolside with friends. By the way, brunching in LA means drinking and having small apps poolside while listening to a constant techno beat. It does not mean a buffet with mimosas. Well yes with the mimosas, no on the buffet. We went to Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills and had a fabulous time. One of my friends said, “Wow Lauren, you look good”.  (Inside my head, I screamed YES). Of course I declared to them its all about eating clean and working out. David Allen and Autumn Calabrese add power to my cape. But having someone compliment you after your hard work is the biggest pay off to me. I see myself every day in the mirror. Dissecting, criticizing, awing, manipulating, and when I get something like that said to me, I beam. Makes me proud that I’m sticking to something religiously because its working.

Day 8 -Monday

Ugh. Yesterdays Belvedere caught up with me. I’m not hungover but just tired. When you drink all day in the sun, the next day it catches up with you. And I had to work out early because I had a long day. So it was one of those days when you want to tell the sun to just go to sleep a little while longer. Today we start all over again, the good ol’ Total Body Cardio Fix. Thank God there was not a bonus round on this day because the head was pounding and my blood capillaries we’re screaming for an IV of goodness. Later this evening I sat back though and I was proud that I struggled through it. At the moment it sucks, but its better than beating myself up later about not doing it.

Day 9 – Tuesday

Waaaaaaaaaaaa. Not sure the proper spelling of a cry, but that’s what that is. I didn’t work out today. I went to old behavior and woke up and started doing my To Do lists and coming up with more things to do that weren’t even on the list. You ever do that? While I was extremely productive and got some wonderful things done, I didn’t work out. And that kills me. Throughout the day I said, I would do it when I got home, and what did I do when I got home, more stuff. I’m always blogging, editing, or trying to make this blog better so there isn’t any downtime for me. But I have to make time. I said it in my first video blog, if you can’t carve 30 minutes in your day for yourself than you’re not prioritizing correctly. Working out isn’t a selfish act nor is it something that is inconsequential. Its important to our well being for our mind and body. And man did I beat myself up about it. So I didn’t do the Upper Fix today, but guess what? I’m not going to dwell on it, I’m going to pick myself up and tomorrow do the workout aligned with this program and move on. That’s what the lesson is, to pick yourself up and keep going. Tomorrow is a new day.

Lauren Pacheco back bends 21 day fix



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