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Beware of the Big Bad Wolf

322770_141319399307362_141206979318604_161235_994283297_oHaving a friend like Gordon Vasquez of RealTVFilms means I get a head start on films that he is producing. Lucky for me he sent me the script of his latest that he is co-producing on which is being filmed in the Santa Clarita area literally as I type these words. The film, Huff, takes its form from a childhood favorite, The Three Little Pigs, but this is a far cry from the nursery. Instead this parable tells us about the darkest tale any family has had to endure.

Before reading the script I was told that by page four of Huff  I would not be able to put the pages down. However I think it was page two that I realized that I was already invested in the characters and that I couldn’t walk away before finishing the entire document. Normally I do not read horror books, scripts, or even treatments because with an imagination like mine it is no wonder I look behind me when I climb my stairs at night and close the shudders at sundown, but this was just too good to not read. This film boils down to an incredibly abusive step-father named Huff (Charlie O’Connell) who is trying to secure a drug deal so that he and his mistress Laci (Natasha Alam) can escape to Mexico with their fortunes. When Huff’s sexual needs and maniacal behavior get out of hand his wife Lorelei (Elina Madison) sends her three daughters packing into the woods with Huff’s drug money to start a new life for themselves. The three step-daughters Brixi (Amber Bollinger), Styx (Jenna Stone), and Shay (Elly Stefanko) however find themselves in danger when Huff discovers what his wife has done with his funds and goes on a hunting rampage to find them. This all unravels in a rural, rundown area of California stricken with poverty where the only means to an end for its citizens is stripping and drug dealing. A few characters added to spice up the story is the drug junkie neighbor Gina (Mayra Leal) who we will find out if she is capable of helping or too strung out to know the difference. Styx’s boyfriend Woody (Randy Blekitas) also gets tangled in the debacle and happens to be the son of Laci. Drug boss Scotty (Rance Howard) and his henchmen Willie (Johnny D’Agostino) and Dingo, are added to the mix and Huff will eventually need to answer to Scotty if he doesn’t get the drug money into his hands. Sewn throughout this brilliant script is many bible references which is admirable when the characters give them in the right context but will make your stomach twinge when verses are used to murder, rape, and objectify. His merciless wrath had me turn away from reading quite a few times. This story is sure to end badly, but the question is for whom?

The action and fear that is given to the audience is breathlessly shocking. For emitting these emotions just through a text of black and white, I am full of anticipation for how phenomenal the film will be. DirectorPaul Morrell  has the task of bringing the brilliant writing of Cort Howell to life and judging from Morrell’s past this indeed is going to be a blood bath at its greatest. With the mix of steamy sexual situations, graphic gory massacres, and the fight between good and evil, this film is going to be a nail biter for all to see. Set to be released in 2012 this film should be penned in your calendars to see as soon as it hits the screens. I promise you this is unlike any Three Little Pigs story you have ever seen.

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