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It’s the cold sweat that first rushes over your face before the flare of hot flashes start from the back of your neck. Your heart already dropped a few beats, and your gut starts to twinge like you just witnessed the most horrific traffic accident right before your eyes. By now the palms of your hands are clammy and stiff. Confusion and disbelief set in. Your mind starts to replay memories of when you were oblivious to anyone or anything else because you knew what you had. You remember when you could confidently walk into a room and know that you had the love that could withstand the tests of time. Side-eye stares plague you as you live your life. Others could only dream about having what you have. It was the way you spoke, the way you looked, the way you carried yourself, the way you attractive just about anything you wanted naturally. And here you are with the walls closing in on you with not an ounce of courage. You’re alone in a grimly pitch-black room not knowing if one step forward will have you fall to your death or if that step will lead you to a door. You’re frozen. You’re barely even breathing. Your body has never felt a loss like this in your entire existence. What are you going to do?

lauren pacheco beauty products blogAnd that my friends is exactly how a manufacturer makes me feel when they casually just discontinue one of my beauty products. Empty. They don’t even offer up a warning of “Hey, we are about to take away your most favorite lip liner that makes your smackers beautiful and can withstand the tests of romantic dinners, wine sips, and make out sessions” or “Hey! you know that razor you like that makes your legs silky smooth and enviable? Oh we are going to be taking that off the shelves so you better buy a case of them to last you a few years” or how about “Hey consumer, you know that favorite [Insert any food, cleaning product, electronics, beauty product, or anything really] you like from Costco so much? Yea, we’re going to NEVER bring that back. I know you’ve been using it for a few years now and you’re totally obsessed with it, which is why you buy two bottles every time you come in. But we’re going to take a samurai sword to your heart and never sell it again. So stock up buttercup!” This is the insanity that I feel when they pull this. I’d like to mention that it’s not even a marketing gimmick when they discontinue. They don’t bring in a substitute, or a new fandangled bottle or replacement. They basically rip out your heart, and replace it with nothing. Just air. So you just have this glaring hole in your chest and no solution on how to fill it.

What I learned from this is a valuable lesson about life and love. You can never be too attached to something. Sure we can love our spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, brother, sister, dog, cat, bird, friend, or whomever you love, but you can’t be so attached that you’ll just die because they aren’t around anymore. Nothing is forever. And people come and go. They are here to teach us or test us during that time and then once that purpose is fulfilled, poof they’re gone. Now some people stay around for the length of your life, but not everyone. You ever try to keep close with your high school friends or college buddies or even your workmates? It is sometimes impossible. And instead of trying to force it, we just need to let it be. I forget where or who I heard this from but someone said, “If you’re not losing friends you’re not growing.” And I’m not saying go through your Facebook and start blocking people (although honestly, if we all cleaned out our FB friends more often, our lives and feeds would be so much happier, just saying). What I’m proposing here is that the ones that are true will always be there, you can always call them years down the line and catch up where you left off, but the frustration of trying to make the friendship work is where you really need to let nature have its course. I’m pretty picky on who is in my circle, but I have had a few sneak in and really hurt my heart. While I’d like to continue that relationship, I also learned something from it, grew from it, and realized, that is exactly why they were there. They served their purpose and now we move on. Just like my favorite coconut oil that no longer is around. I’m not going to try to scour the internet and find it on Ebay for double the price, I have to find another one and make that my new latest and greatest. Another lesson I learned is if you really love something, appreciate it, nurture it, and pay attention. I know that if I appreciate who I’m with, spend the energy to make it a great love, and pay attention to all signs that person gives me, then I’ll have a really amazing incredible love. But If I give my all and it still doesn’t work out, well, then at least I know I tried my best. Neglect is the worst thing you can do to something that you call yours. It will end any hope you thought you had. Whether you neglect your partner, or simply neglect a product. At some point its going to not be getting what it needs, be that affection or sales, and it will disappear.

Life lesson learned here is if you love someone, be in the moment and appreciate them with all your might. And if you love some “thing” then buy multiples of it! If you know me, I buy two of everything. Attachment issues? Maybe. but at least that gaping hole in my chest heals faster.

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