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christmas sweaterIt all started with my parents. They are big Glenn Beck advocates. I’ve watched a few of Beck’s shows on FOX, but for some reason I couldn’t get hooked. Maybe it was my always defiant nature of rejecting anything my parents ever told me to watch. I suppose riding in the car when I was little listening to hours of Rush Limbaugh and Laura Schlessinger had scarred me. But Beck’s show definitely interested me. Still, his voice did the typical up and down and pause here and inflect there that I didn’t particularly enjoy. He is still very shock jock to me. And sure you can disagree, but I just haven’t been won over by him yet.

After strolling through the aisles of Barnes &amp; Noble (My favorite place to be. Call me a book junkie, but more on that later) I saw that Beck has many books out. I thought to myself, maybe if I read his book I could get hooked and open my horizons. So I flipped through a few and I just got repulsed. I was not prepared. I later stumbled upon his book <em>The Christmas Sweater</em>. Now, I&rsquo;m sure you&rsquo;re laughing because you know that this book he wrote has nothing to do with politics. It&rsquo;s actually a fiction story that he wrote based on his child hood. So I thought why don&rsquo;t I start with this first. Sure, call it cheating but it&rsquo;s the only way I could finally warm up to the guy. Oh, and remember I said his voice kind of irritated me? Well instead of buying the paperback I bought the audio book! Go figure.

Over the next few days I was extremely busy but found that I had a lot of time in the car. So I put in the first of four CD&rsquo;s in and listened. To my astonishment, I was hooked. His voice was addicting. No wonder he has his own radio and television show. The sound of his voice was made for it. When the first CD was done, I immediately put in the second and after that the third, then the fourth. I was done in just a few days. I had completely been engrossed by his story. It was beautiful. The story was about a young boy learning about the meaning of Christmas. More importantly about the meaning of strong relationships, family, necessities, character, and love. After the story ended Beck included an epilogue where I learned what details were fiction in the story and what was not. I felt like I got a peak into Beck&rsquo;s life and a little bit closer to knowing who this man is.

Reflecting back I realize that many people including myself just see people for their outside actions and appearance. We read tabloids, watch the news, and even gossip about what we &lsquo;think&rsquo; we know about these people. But in the end if it isn&rsquo;t from the horse&rsquo;s mouth it is all hearsay. I hope that on my journey to the spotlight people will see me for who I am, and will not judge by whatever character I may play. And in saying that I am giving Beck another chance. Not sure which of his best seller&rsquo;s that I will read first, but his views and ideas are attractive enough that he has my attention. I urge you to go out and listen or read <em>The Christmas Sweater. </em>I promise you it will make you smile, possibly cry, and even shock you. But remember that it is a story not a campaign. So no need to tread lightly, just jump right in.

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