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Sun Blogger Lauren Pacheco

Sun Blogger Lauren Pacheco

It was one of those extraordinary days where I knew I couldn’t spend it inside working on my computer. So I grabbed my shades and my Mac and head outside to the terrace. As I lay basking in the rays of the sun my mind starts to conjure up fantastical ideas about marketing, promotions, creative ventures, and thoughts that I can’t even start to mention in this blog, but one that I can share is this. I thought I love laying out in the sun conceiving ideas…why not just make the office a rooftop pool? I would say the beach but depending on where you are in LA the beach is too far. Nothing like what I was used to in San Diego. So the best place to perch above the smog is on the rooftops where not only will I enjoy the Vitamin D that blankets my body, but when I’m done for the day a minty mojito is only a bartender away.

Goal: Find the best rooftop with a blissful atmosphere that is not only enjoyable for the people watching entertainment but private enough where I can produce the best writing, make phone calls, and use this dynamic brain of mine to invent the best concepts imaginable. With shades on, bikini tied, laptop in hand I really do not see why more people don’t work poolside. Along with getting my own work done I will more than likely blog about each experience at the rooftop pools. Sure you could type in, “Best Rooftop Pools in LA” and get some Yelp articles but guaranteed they won’t be as colorful as the ones I will lay on you.

I want to find the perfect haven for my inventive enterprising energy and the only way is to experience them all and hope that the decision comes viscerally. One problem is where to start with first. My venture is not to just go for the fat cats. I want to experience all levels of luxury. I’m game for anything with a lounge chair and direct sun oh and of course an electric outlet nearby. And perhaps a server with impeccable pecs who answers my every beck and call. I don’t ask for much.

Here’s a few top choices that I hope to tackle and if you have any suggestions or would like me to visit your establishment please comment or email me.

  • Mondrian Hotel

    Mondrian Hotel

    Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood looks incredible. Never been there but it is so  happening soon. Very chic and sexy.

  •  Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood is such a quaint hidden mecca of peacefulness. I’m not sure the sound of me tapping of my laptop keys is allowed pool side but I’ll take a chance and check it out.
  • Roosevelt Hotel

    Roosevelt Hotel

    Roosevelt Hotelin Hollywood is still one of my favorite hotels. Hotels can come and go but this one has stood strong throughout the years. Their pool is soothing but never SunBlogged there so it will be a first. New Word alert: #SunBlogged #SunBlogger. Get used to it.

  • W Hotel Hollywood

    W Hotel Hollywood

    W Hotel in Hollywood is one of my favorite pools to feed my desires. Always a great party going on but is the sizzle too much of a distraction? We shall see.

  •  The Standard Downtown and in Hollywood are always classic. Simple yet gets the job done. I’ll be interested to see which one inspires me more.
  • Beverly Hills Hotel

    Beverly Hills Hotel

    Beverly Hills Hotel is included because it is a really chill and relaxing atmosphere. It may be a favorite because it is still so simple. I’ll have to take another look at it since I haven’t been in a year.

  • ION Rooftop Pool at the JW Marriott Downtown LA also seems like a happening place.
  • Beverly Hills Hotel

    SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

    SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills has won me over time and time again. Their entire hotel shouldn’t even be called that 5 letter word, it should be called a lavish luxurious fantasy land. The designer Phillipe Starck has seduced me with every detail in that palace. I have a feeling I may just need to figure out which lounge chair I want and post up shop there. However I must research all before deciding who wins my heart, but I’m coming after you SLS!!

  •  Figueroa Hotel may not have a lot of sun bathing space but maybe I’ll try that out when it’s too overcast to get in the brazilian and just sit at their tables and enjoy their Moroccan theme.
  • London Hotel in West Hollywood

    London Hotel in West Hollywood

    London Hotel in West Hollywood looks inviting as well. It is another place I’ve never been but it’s on my list to check out. I could see many mojitos, tanning, and business ensuing there. Who wants to have a business meeting at a coffee house when you can come here?

These above hotels are just starting points. I intend to do more research and hit up every watering hole possible. What will probably end up happening is I’ll just end up living at the 1010 Wilshire building in Downtown LA or the SLS Hotel since so far I have them in the running as the full package.

It’s a no brainer. Peanut butter and Jelly, Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup, Vodka and Olives, Rick Owens paired with Versace… these mergers amongst a million others when paired together make an explosive duo so why not Sunbathe and Blog? While I’m poolside I can only hope that my accomplice Dana Damato reviews the rest of the property when we visit these locations. You didn’t think I was not going to bring lifestyle journalist  Dana Damato  with me, did you?

To have your hotel or property featured and reviewed please contact me at Let’s have some fun while we work.

Lauren Pacheco working poolside

Lauren Pacheco working poolside

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