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The love of Lauren store

Hello my Loves! It’s been long overdue but “The Love Of Lauren” Store is finally here. Go check out all of the ridiculousness and after you purchase your merchandise be sure to tag me in your photos. As most of you already know I don’t take myself too seriously so when I say that you can find my mug on a throw blanket, pillows, and men’s boxers, I’m not at the least bit kidding. Here’s the thing, if a drop ship company wants to give me endless product to put my picture on it, well then what else is a girl to do then put her bikini cheese grinning crest smile on everything possible. I’ll be adding more normal gear periodically but go browse the Merch in the link below and see what sparks your heart. I’d love any feedback on other items you’d like me to add to the store. And be sure to Subscribe above to stay in touch.

Thanks again for all of your support. I am but a humble jester on a quest to entertain you. Much Love. XO


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