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I wanted to share with all of you an interesting thing that happened recently involving me and my family. Months ago my mom replied to an Ad that was asking for people to submit a story about their family business. Since my Mom and my step dad, Gary, run a family business, she decided to submit a story about us. My Mom and Gary have owned this business, Town & Country Plumbing Repair for probably over 20 years. My brother and two step-brothers all work together, and its interesting because when you work with family it can get sticky. I help out in the office and act as my mothers assistant and Gary tries to keep us all sane. Anyways, I believe she sent an email to the production company about eight months ago. Just recently she received a phone call from the company called Karga Seven Pictures. I had never heard of them, but after researching them, I was familiar with their works. They produce documentaries, reality shows, many that I have heard great buzz on, as well as a show called “Ace of Cakes”. So my mom talks to the gal and they want to see footage of us on how we as a family work together and get along to see if we are marketable. How cool is that? Our family being considered for a Reality Show? I was so excited as well was the rest of the family. So we filmed a few hours of the plumbers interactions and the office environment and let me tell you, with only 4 hours of film, we got quite a lot of funny moments. After a few days of my mothers excellent movie making work, she finally produced 45 minutes of captivating footage. So we sent it off to the company and waited.

In less than 24 hours, she called us back. Yeah! She said that she was so impressed with our family. And that we had something that all families should envy. BUT….She also said that the producers were looking for edgier footage. Which to me translated to they want more fights, scandal, and backstabbing. But that’s just not us. We are a family that sticks together. HOWEVER, sure there is some great dirt that we say, but we would never let that be on camera. So I guess it’s not for us. In the end the woman said she is going to keep our footage, we were more than welcome to send more, and they may use us in the future. So until then, we are going to keep doing our thing. Currently Gary and I are going to work on some videos about him. I’ll blog later about it, but he’s a great singer/songwriter and once I get organized, I’m heading to Nashville and selling his songs.

So I leave you with this. There is 6 videos that share all sorts of different views of our family. Below are the links. If you have the time, Check them out, they are a huge treat.

Part 1-“The Plumbing Shop” Written and sung by Gary Rex Tanner

Part 2- Lucky on the Job and Interview

Part 3- Office Interplay Gary and Lauren

Part 4- Lauren being interviewed. Lauren and Lucky interplay. Daisy interviewed

Part 5- Gary Tanner being interviewed

Part 6- Watchin’ Out the Window Song & Misc video

Let me know what you think.

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